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Roma (preparation)

What should I see, where should I eat, what shouldn't I miss?? A problem in such a big city if has just 2 days to do it all.

In November my girlfriend and me will spend a weekend in Rome, thanks Ryanair, it's so great to get a ticket for just 70 €, and be able of visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world spending just a few more coins than staying at home.

2 days, 2 nights, and a lot of sightseeings to visit. I have researched at the Internet for all the possibilities, prices, distances, everything has been taken into account and I've decided...

- To see the most important squares Piazza Navona, Spagna, dei Popolo, Venezia...
- To see from outside the Colosseum.
- Not to visit any museum.
- To visit the roman forum.
- To visit the Vatican but to leave vatican museums for the next time.

We will stay at Chez Liviana, as most of the B&Bs, is near Termini station. I've already read, it's dangerous at night, but, I (was told) lived 10 monts long in a dangerous quartier in Mannheim (Germany) and me in a mirror was the most dangerous person I found there.

From there we will visit the south part of the city (old Rome) the first day, and the north part (Piazze and Vatican) the second day.

I've noticed I won't see many of the most important things there, my next trip to Rome will be more dedicated to Museums... ant to see all the things that I think I will have time to see but I won't.

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Pisa and Costa Brava

At least some weeks without telephon, computer and boss. At least some days of holiday.

Where I've been? At home, in Pisa (Italy) and on the Costa Brava (Spain). 3 days in Pisa and a week on the Costa Brava.

To sum up:

- Pisa was more beautiful than I thought, I had read so much about "just the tower is worth" that I thought it would be awful, it's not as beautiful as Florence, Rome Venice but it's not a bad weekend destination.
It could be cleaner but it has an interesting nightlife on the streets and cheapper prices than other italian cities.

- The Costa Brava (Wild coast) has gorgeus landscapes, great beaches and many, many cultural options (museums, roman and greeks ruins, medieval villages,...
At the same time the nightlife of the typical touristic places is more... "wild" than the coast itself. So just and advice: Be careful when choosing your hotel on the coast.
Grat destination to spend a week of relax and know some of the most important museums, monuments and ruines of different civilizations since de Iberians until Dalí.

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Cañete (after)

Preparation for next trip

sunny 32 °C

I don't need to say anything about Moya, this ghost village is just wonderful and so thought my friends.

Cañete was just different than I had imagined, knights games where great but after it there wasn't anything interesting to do but eating, the dinner was expensive and didn't seem as... medieval as it should be, the market was neither, it was too late to visit the ruins of the castle so next time I'll go on Sunday... soon.

Next weekend camping, where is still the question? Denia (Alicante), Peñíscola (Castellón) or somewhere inland in Valencia...

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Cañete (Preparation)

Preparation for the "Alvarada"

Some months ago I spent some days with my girlfriend in Cuenca, a spanish region between Madrid and Valencia.

One of the most beautiful villages we found there was Cañete. The village is walled and has an arabic castle, a big fortress in ruins, some interesting buildings and the charm of the former Castilla.

Castilla la Mancha, placed between Madrid in Valencia has had during last two centuries a lack of population and economic, what has allowed to mantain the old spirit of its medieval villages.

This village celebrates every first weekend of August the "Alvarada" after Alvaro de Luna (c'mon look fore info in Wiki). This is a medieval festival with music, tournaments, meal, markets... It sounds good. We were recommended to come this year and tomorrow we will be there, let's see!

Oh! Don't forget, last time when we were there, we visited Moya, a ghost town on the way from Valencia to Cañete, with a castle, six churchs and completly walled, it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We eill make a brake there to show it my friends.

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